Sell PET flakes washing line(PET bottle recycling line)

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Regarding our PET bottle recycling line(PET flakes washing line) :Firstly, we are end user of PET flakes, so we exactly know what quality is suitable to PET fiber use; Secondly, we are also producer of PET washing line; Thirdly, We have two washing lines in our fiber plant working every day to produce PET flakes which directly feed to our fiber use. Fourthly, as you know we have exported more than 20 washing line to all over the world, and we are keeping close contact with our lines buyers, and getting feedback information from them about the lines.
So with the above points, it guarantees us to improve and perfect our PET washing line in every details. In addition, we can also help our washing line buyers to collect waste PET bottle from all over the world if he needs, because our fiber company have business relation with many PET suppliers; besides that, we can also help our washing line buyers to sell PET flakes, since we are also the end user, and meanwhile we have cooperation relation with some end users in Europe, Asia, etc. So I am sure now you would realize the difference between other PET bottle recycling line suppliers and our company.