Sell PET shrink Label

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Decorative Shrink Labels are one of the best things to happen in the world of packaging for over the counter products. No more one needs old paper labels for their bottles, containers. They are not just cost effective when compared to paper labels but also provide high gloss and unique 360 degree coverage for the container. It can also have a matt finish, as per requirement. They can be full body sleeve or half body label.

It is also very useful for providing security against seal tampering when used as cap-seal on cap of the container or bottle, or if full body sleeve is applied which seals the cap inside it. Pre-perforation can also be provided just below the cap area, if full body sleeve is applied. This helps the customer to cut only the top of the label and not the complete label and thus the bottom part of the label having brand name and instructions stays on the container forever.

Shrink sleeve labels can either be applied onto the containers/bottles manually by hand or can be applied through a automatic applicator machine. In case it is applied by machine then the labels are supplied in roll form having perforation between the labels, otherwise in case it is applied manually then it is supplied in cut piece form. After the labels are applied onto the containers/bottles then they are passed through a heat tunnel on a conveyer belt where it shrinks and takes the shape of the container.

Shrink labels are generally applied onto Plastic Pet Bottles, HDPE Containers, Glass Bottles, Almunium Cans, Composite cans, Tin cans.

Shrink film is also used to make multi-packs like combo packs during promotions.