Sell PEX-AL-PEX pipes and fittings

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Deso PEX pipe, available in European standard sizes to cater for our worldwide customers' needs, is an ideal solution for both heating and plumbing systems. Made from a space network polymer that is converted from linear polymer by a special reaction forming machine, Deso PEX pipe is flexible therefore easy to install and service, making it an excellent alternative to rigid piping systems. You can fully count on its stability and durability as PEX systems has widely been used in Europe for over 25 years. This pipe features good thermal resistance, chemical stability, durability and flexibility.

Linear high molecule structure 3 level net-shaped cross-lined molecule structure

Extended life cycle
It is not easily damaged due to no rusting, corrosion or scale. This pipe has good creep resistance and stress cracking resistance.

Remarkable heat and cold resistance
This pipe is of outstanding material which is produced through a special cross-link process to the HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) and shows good and heat resistance within the extreme temperature range 40 'C ~ +100 'C .

Easy installation
Light weight and good flexibility allow very convenient installation. In addition, the connection is available only with common fastening tools and the close mechanical combination provides a good watertight feature.

Optimal room temperature
Smooth internal wall of the pipe allows good water circulation and no scale, so a comfortable room temperature is always maintained. The coefficient of overall heat transmission of this pipe appears nearly equivalent to other metal pipes and the good heat accumulation effect allows even heat distribution and no floor cracking may occur after a long time.

Economical cost

Cost of construction and management of this pipe is less than existing products. In addition, no distortion may rise along the pipe due to external weight effect.