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PFM (Porcelain Fused to Metal) , the most common type of dental restoration. PFM crown&bridge with the character of crystal white, uniform shape and natural teeths chewing function, provide the perfect solution for many dental problems such as Yafeng, tetracycline stained teeth, denture missing, dental fluorosis disease, and abnormal tooth root can also be repaired. PFM crown/bridge is made with VITA porcelain powder and alloys like Ni-Cr, Co-Cr, Au-Pd , Ag-Pd and Gold.
According to metal&alloy used by PFM corwn used , PFM can be generally divided into NP(non-precious) PFM, Semi-precious PFM and Precious or Noble PFM crown.

NP PFM are the earliest porcelain teeth and relatively economy that accepted by many doctor and patient. Although NP PFM possess a high simulation quality and all the good features of other PFM crowns, it has its fatal defect: Most NP PFM use Ni-Cr alloy as its coping and fused the porcelain on the coping. However, due to the relatively unstable properties of physical and chemical , Ni-Cr alloy can slow release of nickel, patient may result in gum infammation, they may suffer gingivitis, oral smelly, black gum, bleeding gums and so on. Therefore, KIS Dental Lab suggest dentist and patient pay more attention on NP PFM , especially those young patient and for anterior teeth most. If there is no other choice , decreasing the contact with alloy and saliva will help a lot such as make porcelain shoulder and gold-plating.

Besides Ni-Cr alloy, Co-Cr alloy (without Ni&Be) and Titanium alloy are also called NP metal, which have a better properties of physical and chemical and wont leads to gum infammation. But the best solution are precious&noble alloy.

Compared with NP PFM, Precious PFM possess the ideal biocompatibility, safety in use, long performance life , close to natural shape and no risk to human health. Its main ingredient is gold and platinum, colar than similar products of a more perfect rich color system and closer to natural tooth. Among the precious PFM , the best is gold PFM, which with 86% gold, Its corrosionresistance , ductibility and other properties of physical and chemical are excellent. The alloy can bond very tight with the porcelain and do not prone to oxidized and separate out in saliva. The only shortcoming is much expensive than NP PFM.

By and large, to get a high quality PFM, dentists medical skill, dental material and dental labs processing technic are all important.
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