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New vertical type sing stage centrifugal pump which has been developed to cope with too low pressure of pipe.

Has greatly superior to horizontal type centrifugal pump currently used because of advanced mechanical seal. the impeller is mounted on main shaft of motor directly, so the pump has many merits such as less leakage loss, high efficiency, low power consumption, compact structure, small size, light weight, and convenient installation and maintainace etc.

May be used in series or parallel according to centrifugal pump.

Widely used in various industries nowadays, which becomes a general trend.


The PG series pipeline pump is mainly suitable for the high-rise construction, garden irrigation, cold and hot water circulation, flammable explosive liquid and the corrosive hydraulic liquid transportation and also is a complete transportation facility of boiler, water supply, chemical industry, etc.

1. The PG popular type is suitable for the high-rise construction water supply, garden irrigation, cool and hot water circulation, long-distance water distribution, water circulation of bathroom. with application temperature 800 below.
2. The PGR hot water type is suitable for boiler hot and cool water circulating with application temperature 1400 below.
3. PCP pump is stainless steel pump which transports corrosive medium suitable for food, pharmacy, beverage, chemical industry with application temperature 1000 below.

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