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Basic Functions :

Control 4 cabins (phones) at the same time.
Can lock and unlock, any line in real-time and separately.
Support forward the calls and 3 party conference , can calculate all 2 calls at same time( home transfer) , the fuction which is popular in many countries to make home call transfer.
Automatic examination parameters and tariff after turned on to ensure correct charging.
Support most kinds of charge signals: polar-reverse, 16/12 kHz pulse signal, manually and delay automatically charge.
Can switch on and off the music after call and the lcd backlight by pressing single button.
Charge call fee correctly and display the charge information of 4 lines on screen during the call.
Display status of the lines such as off-hook, on-hook, dialing, calling, ringing and off-line, etc.
Remote wall display backlight which is a new features in the phone billing machines in the market.
Standby tariff is supported.
Holidays tariff rates are supported up to 1000 holiday tariff rate.
Support Discount function .
Up to 1000 barred, free and special numbers can be set manually.
Support detailed report as call talk records and total money records for all users or a single user.
Support time interval report serach (as example from 2-august to 23 august. )
In state of power switching off line is cut off and no tone at all.
Support deposit ( if one need to make a call only with 1 usd u can put the amount after finish , the line will be cut automatically.
Support Adjusting time manulaly by passowrd protection.
First device in the world with ARABIC keyboard.
Communication :

One can update parameters, tariffs, and program via the network .
Support transmit Tariff rate and parameters from management system by communication between terminal and serial port of the PC.
Support Tariff rate, parameters and date&time between two terminals via RS232.
Other Functions :

Support print function for all reports and statistics.
Support Super password
Backup battery upto 16 hours in case of power supply failure.
Support up to 8 users and 2 mangers , only log in normal working state after enter correct password.
Manager can block the system remotely with specific communication and password.
Support wall remote display to display calling number , duration of the call , total number of calls and total cost of the calls ( accumlative) .
Management System :

Support change users passwords any time by the manager or user itself after verify old one
Support open call charge ( as in many countries when the call is opened u have to pay some charge)
Different levels of securties according to the users.
Support data export to exell and html.
Remote management support via pooling modem.
Strong and secure data transmission.
Updtaing the firmware via the website and download the reports. ( coming soon)
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phone billing meter
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14 working days
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100 pcs
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