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Lightleader major in photoluminescent pigment and its application.
photoluminescent pigment (SrAL2O4:Eu. Dy) which is aluminum acid super-long afterglow luminescent powder possesses high capacity of absorbing, storing and luminosity. It absorbs some visible light for 10 to 30 minutes, and luminescence spontaneously for 12 hours after the visible light is removed. As proved in specific application, it displays effect of long after-glowing and chemical stability, longevity (permanently keeping the feature without broken the crystal structure) , enduring the different temperature( the luminance is stability from -600; to +5000; ) , especially for the solvent durability as our feature. At the same time, there is no the radioactive substance, the element of harmful heavy metal and pollution. It is also harmless, non-burning and non-exploding.

Lighting color: Yellow-Green, Blue-Green, Violet, Sky Blue, etc.
Application: it can be used widely in all kinds of the fields as the additive, such as fire-preventing, military, vehicle, boating, instrument, ink, coating, crafthand, printing paste in textile, decoration, advertisement, metro, etc.
2nd products:
1) Luminescence plastic, mixing the luminescence plastic master (after processing¡ ¡ the powder directly with plastic master and getting it) with the plastic and getting luminescence plastic. Now we have produced different master, such as the all-purpose master, ABS, AS, PE, PET, PVC etc.

2) Luminescence resin or rubber, mixing the powder with the resin or the rubber and getting the lighting products or handcrafts.

3) Luminescence ink or coating, mixing the powder with the ink or the coating and¡ ¡ getting the luminescent ink or coating.

4) Luminescence ceramics, mixing the powder with the ceramic glaze and fired, then getting the luminescence ceramics.

5) Luminescence sign, printing or coating the powder on the sign, and getting all¡ ¡ kinds of the secure indication sign.

6) Other products, it can be made into luminescence glass, luminescence film etc.