PHOSPHORIC ACID You May Also Be Interested In: h3po3 phosphoric acid
Chemical Name: Phosphoric Acid
Formula: H3PO4
Molecular Weight: 97.99
Specificity: Colourless, transparent, odourless, viscous liquid;
specific gravity:1.70; solublein water and ethanol.
Quality standard:
Name of index

Colority(NO. )

Content (H3PO4) , %

Arsenic (As) , %

Heavy metal (As Pb) , %

Fluoride (F) , %

Easy oxidated substance (As H3PO3) , %

USES: In food industry, it is used as sour odour agent ,
chelate agent, yeast nutrient agent.
Packing: In plastic drums. The net weight is 35kg.
Storage and Transport: For plastic drums, it should be stored in
a cool dry warehouse, instead of in the open air and oxidation.
Handed with care. It shoud be stored separately from poisonous.