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Are you looking for the solution for temperature control of Plastic Industry, Molding, and Food Processing. . . etc ? Are you also looking for the control of Valve Position ?

VERTEX provide the following Solution :
* Ramp to set point & Soak functions.
* Standby and Latch mode can be combined with 6 different alarm function.
* Even alarm(VT30 only) .
* Two 8-segment (Ramp & soak) Profile(VT30 only) .
* 2nd Output for cooling control.
* Retransmission(4~20mA) or RS-485 communication(MODBUS RTU) is available for option.
* 4~20mA remote set point input.
* In Valve Control, Bar graph for valve position, Relay for motor open and close.
Vertexs PID CONTROLLER market applications also including the Molding, Petrochemical, Chemical, Automotive, Textile, Energy, Environmental, Water and Wastewater Management.

Could you advise your customers application ? Where is your market ? Could you advise your current supplier is from which country ? VERTEXs products will provide your user more efficient solution and bring you more profit.

Best Regards
Sophia Wan