Sell PINE New Zealand Pine - AD & KD

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1. FSC Cert timber PF COL Grade, total 1,200M3 available per month, NZ standard sizes 25/32/38/50mm x 100mm & wider x 1.8-6.0m random length at USD260/M3 CNF Kandla

2. WE have approx 65M3 of non-FSC PF COL available each month
Has to be the cheapest PFCOL grade around . Widths are 75 and 100mm and thickness 40 and 50mm with lengths 1.2 to 2.7m only. Very good recoveries on this. Can offer at $US220 cif Kandla. Please refer my attached pictures of the short packs for this offer.

3. Some # 2 Clears stock in NZ size 32/38mm, can offer at around USD500/M3 CIF Kandla. If you are interested, I can give you a list of this stock in terms of volume and individual prices for each size. The stock offer is subject to prior sale.

Please consider and let me know your decisions.

Thanks and regards - Rob Maughan
CBoss International (UK) Ltd