Sell PM32 Test / Vision / Marking and Tape & Reel Handler

PM32 Test / Vision / Marking and Tape & Reel Handler You May Also Be Interested In: inspection system marking tape tape reel
The PM32 is a new and improved version of our best-selling PM30 Rotary Turret Test & Vision handler.

PM32 is a compact one-stop solution for the semiconductor manufacturings EOL process. Combining the complex functions of test, vision inspection and marking in one machines. PM32 is designed base on a rotary concept for optimum speed and performance capabilities. On top of that, it is designed with a multiple input and output feeding options including Vibrator Bowl, Tube and Tape and Reel. The system is versatile with automated sorting or rejects units. The system is equipped with Pentamasters state of the art advance vision inspection system.

Integrated with test and vision capabilities, this new generation of high-speed handlers designed to meet the demanding requirements of semiconductor manufacturing.
Brand Name
Rotary Turret Test &26 Vision
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