Sell PME(C5H8O2) , CAS. NO. 3973-18-0

PME(C5H8O2) , CAS. NO. 3973-18-0 You May Also Be Interested In: acaricide leveling agent propargyl alcohol
Chemical name: propynol ethoxylate
CAS. NO. 3973-18-0
Assay: 90%(min. )
Appearance: colorless to yellowish liquid
Density(200C) : 1.02-1.04(g/ml)
PH value: 2.5-7.5
Solubility: quite soluble in water
Level of addition: 10-30(mg/l)
Consumption: 4(g/KAH)
Application: It is mainly used as brightener and leveling agent for nickel plating.
In addition, it is used to synthesize acaricide. Characteristics: It can fasten the speed of brightness, and has little decomposed products. As it containes some propargyl alcohol, the plated layer will bubble easily. But if you require the product without propargyl alcohol, we also can offer, but the price will be a little higher