Sell PMP+Game machine

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1. support 8 bits NES and 16 bits SFC game simulate machine
2. 3.6"(960*240) TFT highly clear screen, 1600*10 thousands colors
3. support AVI of MPEG-4 standard coding, video coding supported are DIVX3.11\4. X\5. X and XVID
4. proper movie label function, current process can be saved and loaded
5. music player function, users define 10 bands equalizer themselves, and no damage to audio compressing; display song words synchronism; support saving electricity mode
6. high fidelity of microphone record, MP3 format,3 code rate can be adjusted
7. support JPEG/BMP/GIF/GIF moving pictures, 500*10 thousands pixels, JPEG decode@3 seconds
8. Videocon and camera function:
9. inner volume 32M-2G, expanding block supports a limited 2G volume SD card
10. TV output and sound-box output function:
11. Support NAND FLASH and up to 2G
12. USB1.1, the transmission speed is 2Mbits/secSpecification
Inner volume 32M-2G
Display 3. 6, 1600*10 thousands colors, colorful screen
Pixel 320*RGB*240
Battery Li battery, 1200MHZ, 6 hours in video play and 20 hours in audio play.
Interface USB 1.1
Processor 400M CPU, pure software coding
Photo format JPG, BMP, GIF
Game format NES, SFC, SMC