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PMX OPMUX-FL100 PDH multiplexer combines four/eight E1 channels and one 10/100M LAN channel over a single fiber optic link. A pair of PMX OPMUX-FL100 offers simple and low-cost connectivity for these E1 and LAN traffic up to 80KM. OPMUX-FL100 supports 1+1 optical link redundancy with ALS function (Automatic Laser Shutdown/Reduction) . PMX OPMUX-FL100 fiber optic Multiplexer can be used to extend the transmission distance without performance degradation via fiber cable between two Fast Ethernet segments transparently.
PMX OPMUX-FL100 has found wide applications in carriers, paging stations, electricity, railway, oil-fields and banks, as point-to-point applications and central-site to multipoint application. Its compact 1-U high enclosure facilitates easy installation and maintenance.

l Combines four/eight E1 channels and one 10/100M LAN channel over a single fiber optic link
l Supports SNMP network management
l Extends the range of E1 and LAN traffic over fiber optic from 40KM -80KM
l LAN cable straight/cross-over auto sensing (AUTO MDI/MDIX)
l 10M/100M, half/full duplex auto negotiation
l Optical link rate: 150Mbps
l Dual optical link 1 + 1 redundancy
l Provide one PCM voice service channel, one RS232 console port and one RS232 data port
l Support optic interface ALS (Automatic Laser Shutdown/Reduction)
l Built -in digital E1 smoothing phase locked loop and clock recovery circuit complies with ITU-T G.823 and G.742
l Built -in optical line clock and data recovery circuit (CDR)
l Support of VLAN and flow control
l Comprehensive alarm, monitoring and loopback functions including E1 path remote loopback
l Status LEDs
l Compact 1U high standard 19-inch enclosure
l Low power consumption: <= 10W
l 220VAC or -48VDC power supply, support power redundancy
G.703 E1 Interface
Standard ITU -T G.703, G.823 and G.742
Interface Unloaded 4-wire twisted pair 19 to 26 AWG or
BNC 75(Ohms) coaxial cable
Code HDB3 (up to 2048 Kbit/s baud rate)
Baud rate 2048 Kbps
Number of E1 channels 4E1 or 8E1
Transmit Level According to G.703
Impedance 75(Ohms) unbalanced or 120(Ohms) balanced
Receive voltage 0~-43 dB
Transmit high voltage 2.37V110%, 75(Ohms)
Transmit low voltage 0 1 0.1V
Connector RJ -45: 120(Ohms) balanced
BNC coax: 75(Ohms) unbalanced
Output Jitter < 0.08 UI
Optical Interface
Transmission rate 150Mb/s 150ppm
Transmission medium G.652 optical fiber
Source F-P for 1310nm
DFB for 1310nm or 1550nm up to 80km
Coding NRZ
Receiver PIN diode or PINFET
Wavelength 1310 nm, 1550nm (option)
Transmission Range Up to 50 km for a 1310 nm laser diode over single mode fiber
Up to 80 km or 120km for a 1 550 nm laser diode over s ingle mode fiber
Number of optical link single, or 1 + 1 redundancy (optional)
Output Power -2 ~ -11dBm for 1310 nm; (-10~-3dBm for 1550 nm)
Receiver Sensitivity < -36dBm for 1310 nm (-39~-38dBm for 1 550 nm) , BER <=10-10
Dynamic Range 34 dB for 1310 nm (35dBm for 1550 nm)
ALS Automatic Laser Shutdown, Optional
Fiber Optic Interface FC/SC/ST
Ethernet Interface
Standard IEEE 802.3 802.3u 802.1q
Interface Ethernet and Fast Ethernet
Baud rate Full rate 10/100Mbit/s
Mode Auto-Negotiation on Half / Full Duplex Mode
Connector RJ -45, straight/cross-over auto sensing (AUTO MDI/MDIX)
Frame Length 64byte (least) / 1536byte (most)
MAC Address 1K
MAC Address Update 5 Minute
RS232 Data Interface
Baud rate 300  115200bps, async
Standard RS232
Mode DCE
Connector DB-9 Female
RS232 Console Port (Optional)
Baud rate 9600bps
Standard RS232
Mode DCE
Connector DB-9 Female
RS485 Cascading/NMS Port
Baud rate 9600bps
Standard RS485
Mode DCE
Connector Dual RJ-45 jack
Service Phone Port (Optional)
Standard 4-wire FXS
Connector RJ11
Alarm Out Port (Optional)
Usage Output following alarms to external alarm system:
E1-1 to E1-8, LOF, NOPA, NOPB, E-3 alarms on local unit (primary alarm)
E-6 and alarms on remote unit (secondary alarms)
Max Payload AC: 250V, 1A
DC: 30V, 1A
Connector DB-9 Female

Height 44.5 mm
Width 483 mm
Depth 220 mm
Weight 2.5kg
Power Supply
AC Source 90~260 VAC (110%) , 50Hz, 10W
DC Source -48 VDC, 8W
Power Consumption AC: 10W
DC: 8W
Operation temperature 0 - 500C
Storage temperature -20~70 0
Humidity Up to 95%, non-condensing