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The POF environmental shrink film is non-toxic, transparency, hign shrinkage rate, good sealing character, , high gloss surface, good toughness, heat evenly, adapt to high antomatic. with these advantages, it become the new generation of traditionnal PVC shrink film, POF C-3 widely used in food, medicine, beverage, alcohol, electrical products, electronical products, tools, the outer package of daily necessities. especially the super shrinkage character. , all made it to be the best package material.
Summarize all Advantages of POF shrink film:
1. high transparency, good sealing.
2. high flexible, convinience to use
3. high shrinkage , up to75%
4. high heat sealingt and intensity, adapt use by hand, half antomatic and high-speed antomatic package,
5. high cold resistance, keep the flexibility below-500, adapt to storage and transport in cold weather.
6. non toxic, can packing food
7. prevent damp and dust
8. low package cost, better than paper box and other materilas
9. can used in print after corona