Sell POF shrink film

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polyolefin three-layer Bi-oriented shrink film it is most advanced international environmental protection plastic packing material. Main products are single wound shrink film, center fold shrink, shrink bags, and small size tube film with the thickness from 13 to 25 microns. It is suited both for manual L-sealers, for semi-automatic and for high speed auto packaging machines.
Product characteristics:
 high clarity: bright and clean which can protect products from dust, moisture and odours without compromising with the looks of the products.
 Tear enduringly and pound resistively: it can keep steady from split, melt and bread in high or low temperature suitable packing frozen goods and for long-trip transport.
 Fast and high shrinkage ratio: suitable for packing all kinds of products.
 High environmental protection.
Its a better alternative to the PVC shrink film specially be used for packing exported goods.
 exceptional elasticity, low weight, even thickness, economical and useful.
Specifications can supply:
Thickness: 13-25microns
Single wound: b/w 100mm-1600mm
Center fold: b/w 100mm-1500mm. : but with perforative b/w:200-1000mm
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