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Poly Aluminium Chloride Series Water Purifier

PolyAluminium Chloride This product belongs to inorganic macromolecular polymer, enjoying strong adsorbing force, adhesive force, forming large flocculent lumps with small dosage and quick sedimentation rate. Moreover it has the advantages of wide applying range. Therefore, this product is a water-cleaning agent with high efficiency, quick speed, low consumption and safety.

Performances and Uses:
(1) As a water-cleaning agent, it has the advantages of small dosage, low cost, and strong practicability. It has competitive price and a wide range of application. According to the feedback of customers with long-term use of this product, it enjoys significant effect and accordingly well favored by them.
(2) It has ideal cleaning effects on all water turbidity and pollutant concentrations.
(3) It suits any water including drinking water and industrial water as well as various waste water with the quality of treated water reaching state stipulated standard.
(4) Due to OH radical in its structure, it causes little corrosion to pipelines and equipment, and is safe and convenient for use.
(5) This product can clean drinking water, industry-used water and various waste water, effectively eliminate solid suspended substances, sulfide, and lower heavy metal, phenol, fluoride etc.
(6) It can act as solidifying agent, adhesive agent in place of amine chloride in precise casting industry.

This products have been widely put on the domestic and international markets with the solid one exported. This product is manufactured according to Standard of GB15892-2003 Product Appearance: Yellow, brown powder or particles.

Main Specification:

Al2O3 % >=30.0
Density(200) / (g/cm3) >=1.2
Water Insoluble % <=0.5
PH Value(1%water) 3.5~5.0
Basicity Mid
As % <=0.0016
Cd % <=0.0015
Hg % <=0.00005
Minimum Order Quantity