POLYIMIDE FILM You May Also Be Interested In: polyimide film
The polyimide film produced was formed by polymerization and cyclization of polyamic acid resulted from polycondensation of pyromellitic dianhydride with 4.4-diaminodiphenyl ether in polar solvent.
This polyimide film possesses a series of excellent properties, temperature-resistance, radiation-resistance, temperature range from-1690 to2500
In addition, it has following advantages:
1. Complete set of film thickness from 0.02mm to 0.2mm, other size may be processed as reguest.
2. A close tolerance of film thickness, its tensile strength, percentage of rupture elongation and breakdown voltage much better than those described in standard JB/T2726-1996.
3. Unique film surface (monoside) coursing process technology enhancing greatly compound bonding strength compared with other bonding technology at the same conditions.