POLYPLASDONE(PVPP) You May Also Be Interested In: beer wine
Chemical Name; Polyvinylpolypyrrolidone
CTFA Name: Insoluble PVPP
Chemical Formula:(C6H9NO) n
Physical Properties: exists as white or slight yellow , free flowing hydroscopic power with odorless or faint characteristic smell. Its insoluble in water , alkali , acid and common organic reagents. Stereoscan photographs show that it is voluminous particulars and has large total surface and lots of porosity which is between 2-10nm, it can swell in water easily and can comlpex with polyphenol, carboxylic acids and other low molecular weight compounds. PVPF can only be used once and PVPR can be reused after regenerated.
Application :Used as stabilizer for beer, wine, vinegar and many juice and beverage to prolong their storage life; Used as disintegrant for table pill, partical-like granule and capsule drug in pharmaceutical industry
PACKAGING:Packed in 25kgs cardboard barrel with 2-ply inner PE bag