Sell POP bandage machines

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This a serial of automatic and semi-automatic machines arranged in sequence to make plaster of pairs bandages (POP bandages) from gauze and medical casting mixture.
The main machines are raw material feeding machine, coating machine, drying machine, final product rolling machine.
The heating source for dyring the gypsum coated gauze can be coal heater, natural gas heater, kerosen heater and electricity heater. The ready-made and dried jumbo gypsum rolls are cut into required width and simultaneously rolled un into required length. Then the rolls are packed in 2-side sealed pouches or 3-side sealed pouches for markets. The usual size availabe for markets are : 4.6 meter x 15cm,4.6 meter x 10cm 4.6 meter x 7.5cm in roll or other sizes as per custom needs.