Sell PP-R Aluminum-Plastic Stabilized Pipe

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Its surface is covered by high strength alloyed aluminum which makes the pipe wholly
isolated from the exterior air keep the water in pipe non-oxidized and restrains the growth of alga. The pipe expansion ratio is small and suitable to be installed indoor and outdoor beside installation of outdoor cold hot water. The pipe appearance is so elegant, the characteristics are as follows: non-color change, non-distortion, non-aging, anti ultraviolet radiation and anti oxidation of material.

The pipe is extensively used on medicinal water, northern water heating system, high
temperature heating such as air heating. The pipe is applied on high grade of pipe output systems such as villa, high floor construction, boiler house, bathhouse and high pressure water supply system.

Sizes: (mm)
1) S4 PN (1.6Mpa) : 20 x 2.3, 25 x 2.8, 32 x 3.6, 40 x 4.5, 50 x 5.6, 63 x 7.1, 75 x 8.4
2) S3.2 PN (2.0Mpa) : 20 x 2.8, 25 x 3.5, 32 x 4.4, 40 x 5.5, 50 x 6.9, 63 x 8.6, 75 x 10.3

Standard braided bag or upon customers' requests