Sell PP-R pipes and fittings

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The Feature:
1. Healthy & Non-poison: This product is a green building material, able to used for pure clean drinking water pipe systems.
2. Long working life: If the pipe system is correctly used at the 70 degrees temperature and under the 1.0 MPa working pressure, they can be used for over 50 years. If at a lower temperature and under a less pressure, it can be used for 100 years.
3. Anti-corrosion: Except for rare oxy-agents, the products can anti-corrode many chemical agents, without rusting, bacteria growth and non-eletric chemical corrosion.

Hot pipes: S20W3.4 S25W4.2 S32W5.4 S40W6.7 S50W8.4 S63W10.5
Socket: S20/10.5g; S25/16g; S32/24.5g; S40/41.2g; S50/52g; S63/116g; S75/225g; S90/348g; S110/548g; etc.

Our company have passed ISO9001:2000 international quality standard identification and have long experience in this field.

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