Sell PP Woven Geotextile

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Generally speaking, there are two kinds of geotextile in nowaday market, woven and non-woven. As to woven geotextile, in fact, it also has two varieties, made by different machine, in order to avoiding confusion, here, one I call it flat yarn woven geotextile, the other filament yarn woven geotextile.

Flat yarn woven geotextile, the weight normally from 100GSM to 400GSM, some factory also claim they can produce bellow 100GSM, the tensile strength normally start from 20KN/M to 100KN/M, the advantages of this kind of geotextile, is lower cost, wider width and high and quick yield, it can meet the normal requirement of enhancement, reinforcement and filtration of a project needs. Typical uses include highway, airport runway or car park etc. The thing is when the loading is very severe, the flat yarn geotextile cant satisfy the requirement, in this condition, the filament yarn geotextile make up the blankness.

Filament yarn woven geotextile, the weight normally started from 200GSM, at present our factory can offer 200GSM to 1300GSM. Some heavy weight of the tensile strength more than 200KN/M, typical uses include coastal erosion control, basal reinforcement , soil stabilization, port and deep sea-route maintenance.

With the development of technology, more and more new geotextiles appear to meet certain or composite requirement of a project, so when we choose geotextile for our project we should consider both practicality and cost.