Sell PP and PET Strapping

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Sizes: Width from 9.5mm to 19.0mm, thickness from 0.5 to 1.0mm ; Length:815m---2800m in a roll. Core I. D. 406*190mm, or 200*150mm .
Coil weight: 20kgs about ;
Colour : Black, Green and All colors and other specifications are available.
-Safety - Not only is the danger of recoil injuries greatly reduced, PET coils weigh
about half the weight of steel coils reducing potential lifting injuries.
- Weather Resistant - Unlike steel, PET wont rust. It is virtually unaffected by
weather conditions and is naturally UV resistant.
- Recyclable - Easy to recycle, PAC polyester can be cut into small pieces and
accumulated for recycling.
- Cost Savings - Typical steel applications that can be converted to PAC High
Performance Polyester can yield savings of 25-50% over steel costs. Additional
savings are frequently realized in labor and other costs associated with using steel
strap. Paybacks on equipment and tooling can be quick and the resulti .