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AMICO pipe and fittings are most widely used for water supplying, floor hearting, the convection of nature gas, LPG, man-made coal gas, chemist, medical and papermaking industries.
Note: the specification of the pipes can be made to meet client' request. Advantages:
1) Long service life
Amico pipe can safely last for over 50 years (under normal temperature and pressure conditions) .
2) Superb corrosion resistance abilities
Amico pipe can withstand the corrosion of various chemical mediums except just
few strong oxidation chemicals.
3) Superior abrasion resistance abilities
Smooth internal wall, low attrition quotient, good abrasion resistance and mediums
can easily get through. The abrasion resistance abilities are four times stronger than steel pipes when it conveys mine sand and slurry.
4) Concussion resistance abilities
With good toughness and high-level concussion resistance, AMICO pipe will not have leakage or bursting problems.
5) Reliable connection abilities
AMICO has special tech-welded of electronic heat fusion and butt heat fusion
therefore the position of the joint is even stronger than the pipe itself. The movement of soil or external load won't disconnection the welding joint, accordingly, the safely and reliability of the joint position is insured.
6) Installation abilities
AMICO is lightweight therefore making it easy to install and transport. With simple
tech- welded and fast installation, the integrated cost of projects will be reduced considerably.
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ISO9001 2000 CIC
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