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The PP-R Stabi Pipe with Aluminum is a new kind of pipe whose inner part's outer layer is coated by an anti-creep layer, the outest layer is coated by PP-R or PE as protection, and combined by hot-melt glue between layers. It has following advantages:
1) 2/3~4/5 lower coefficient of thermal expansion than common pipe, better anti-creep, same strength as metal pipe, nice installation, good stability.
2) High pressure resistance, high shock resistance
3) UV-resistance, long service life
4) A healthy environmental protection product (health, no chemical reaction, no oxidation, accordance with GB/T17219-1998 Stardand) is suitable to be applied in food industry and drinking-water supply.
5) Capability to be buried under ground. And to be detected by metal detector
6) All advantages of common PP-R pipe
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