Sell PPR pipe extrusion production line

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Detailed Product Description

1. Characters and application:
A. The production line is mainly used producing pipe material whose raw material is mainly PP-R resin. It also is suitable for producing pipe materials of PP, PPB, PPC, PE resin
Equipped with polyolefin purposed single-screw extruder, it has the characters of quick extruding, high efficiency and so on.

B. The specially designed co-extrusion die head is reasonable in flow channel, smooth in both internal and external walls, and small in internal stress.

C. Pipe diameter is among 20-160mm and production speed reaches to 16m/min.

D. One unit serves several purposes. It can produce common PP-R, Nanometer anti-bacteria pipe, PE-RT and PE-X.
E. If added one co-extrusion engine and die on original base, it can produce PP-R fiberglass reinforced composite pipe.

F. Man-machine interface operation, high automation
J. Adopting special screw stem and have good plastic result;
K. Adopting complex screw machine head, effectively getting rid of remembering function of material;
M. Vacuum shaping, control in uniform temperature, getting rid of stress of pipe material; Adopting common extruding machine head, adding pipe material marking line.

2. Technical Parameter
Model: SJ65/30-33 SJ75/30-33
Pipe size: 20-63MM, 63-160MM
Length to diameter ratio 65MM\33: 1 65MM\30: 1, 75MM\33: 1 75MM\30: 1
Extrusion capacity 120kg/h, 220kg/h
Max. Velocity 10m/min, 4m/min
Installed capacity
Kw 58 85
Annual output (myriameter) 350 150