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We are sincere to cooperate with every company around the world, we hope you esteem company can be our representative in your local market or we manufacture as OEM. We have been engaged in pipe industry for about 10 years, we are confident that with our professional knowledge and loyalty, both of us will have mutual benefical business relationship.

Prodcut Description:
PIPE CAP product performance:
Water supply Poly: Propylene Random(PP-R) pipe for construction with international leading level, which is of environmental protection and saves the energy has following features
Light weight: Density is 0.89-0.92g/cm3 only 1/9 of steel pipe, 1/10 of purple steel pipe. Due to light weight, it can reduce the transportation cost and works for installing.
Long service life: Under the normal environment temperature, and the working pressure of PP-R pipe is 10kg/cm2 its service life is longer than other pipes made of different material, the reason is that it has the anti-heat performance( the service life is up to 50 years under 70o C.
Good anti-corrosion property: The ion in the water and the chemical matter in the building can't make the pipe cause extra chemical reaction, it can't rust, erode, and bring the bacillus.
Low thermal conductivity: Heat conduction is 0.23-0.24W/mk at 20oC, it is much lower than that of steel pipe(43-52W/mk) and purple steel pipe (333W/mk) .
Strong heat resistance:    When the working water temperature is 70oC, It can be used for long time, when it is used for short term, the temperature reaches 95oC.
Firm pipe fittings connection Because polypropylene has fine thermal casting performance, thermal casting between the pipe and pipe fittings with the same material as a integration, it can prevent water leaking.
Recycling propertyDuring being produced, constructed and used, it has no pollution to environment, its waste can be recycled, it is belong to healthy product.
Complete settingThe mating of PP-R pipe system is complete, so it can meet the project mating requirement of water supply pipe in the room and residential district.
Reasonable priceThe price of PP-R pipe is equal to that of galvanized pipe, but it is more convenient in construction, even the construction price is lower.
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