Sell PPS(C8H11NO3S) , CAS. NO. : 15471-17-7

PPS(C8H11NO3S) , CAS. NO. : 15471-17-7 You May Also Be Interested In: leveling agent

Chemical name: pyridinium propyl sulphobetain
CAS. NO. : 15471-17-7
Assay: 98%(min. )
Appearance : white crystal powder
PH value: 2.5-6(50% aqueous solution) Solubility: quite soluble in water
Melting point: 2800C
Level of addition: 50-150mg/l
Consumption: 10(g/KAH)
Application: strong leveling agent for nickel plating
Characteristics: Because of its high purity, it has little decomposed products, and works best at high densities.