Sell PPS twisted yarn

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It is one of our PPS fiber product series. It owns outstanding performances of chemical resistance, thermo stability in high temperature condition, flame retardant, non-conducting, radiation resistance, etc. Therefore, it is called special functioal fiber. Besides this, it is easy to card and has low thermal shrinkage rate.
It is mainly used to make special functional fabric and thread. Generally it can be single or blended weaved according to different requirement to make different fabric. It can be used to make fireproof or insulating fabric, carpets which are used in special area, hanging. anti-fog material and radiation resistant material, framework of pipe, insulator, gasket and packing material, etc.

Properties of PPS long fiber

Linear Density(dtex) :220-440dtex/50-100f
Breaking Strength(cN/dt) :4.1
Breaking Elongation(%) :22
Limit Oxygen Index(%) :40
Using Temperature(centidegree) :190 centidegree
Chemical Stability:Except hot concentrated sulfuric acid and nitric acid,
It owns strong performance of acid and alkaline resistance. No solvent could dissolve it under 200 centidegree.
Remark:The statistics above are typical value, not be proved as receiving inspection standard.