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Product Description
Portable Oil Bag: Soft oil bag is a kind of oil carrying container bonded by oil-proof rubberized fabric mainly used for carrying and filling gasoline, diesel oil and jet fuel. Soft oil bag has advantages of light in weight, collapsible, wear-proof, shock-proof, environmental adaptable, convenient to carry and easy to use, etc. technology, upper & lower handle as well as oil inlet & outlet are closely connected to bag body with reliable seal. The oil inlet & outlet has an inside diameter of 36mm, suitable for normal fuel truck nozzle or filling equipment for barreled fuel. The cap of oil inlet is connected to the bag body by adapter ring to avoid being lost during handling. A wear-proof patch is attached to the corner of bag through thermal sealing to avoid untimely abrasion. The oil ports and caps of soft oil bag adopt inclined sealing to ensure reliability. After dull fire-retardant finish, the outer surface of soft oil bag is dull green or other color.

Filling oil into soft oil bag is quite easy and normal fuel truck nozzle can be used directly. The soft oil bag has small size and thus is convenient to carry. Filling oil to vehicles with soft oil bag is easy and safe to handle. The soft oil bag can be also used for filling other liquid cargo. The product has been patented.

Table 1 Technical Parameters of 20L Soft Oil Bag:
Capacity 20L10.5L
Weight 1.2kg~1.4kg
Burst pressure >0.48MPa
Suitable environmental temperature: -410~+850
Appearance color Dull green or other color Carried medium Gasoline, diesel oil and jet fuel
Air carrying size 620mmW540mm
Vertical capacity load size 530W460W270mm
Oil inlet & outlet Size Inside diameter: 36mm
Horizontal capacity load size : 600W480W180mm
Drop height : 4.5m
Surface resistance : 2W109(Ohms)