Sell PS Plate (negative)

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Spectral sensitivity: 3000W iodine-gallium lamp 1-1.2m
Laser Energy Required: 160-180mj/cm2
Resolution: 2%-98% at 200 lpi
Developer temperature: 230C 1 20C
Developer time: 30 1 5 seconds
Density of Developer: for machine, the proportion of liquid to powder is 1:6, for manual is 1:7
Plate Finisher: Suitable to Any PS plate Finisher
Baking Conditions: 2200C 1 2500C for a duration of 5-8 minutes
Run length: 50000-80000 Imperessions Unbaked, 150000-10000 Imperessions post-baked
Safe Light: yellow
Shelf Life: 18 months under recommended storage condition
Transport and Storage: Store plates flat at normal temperature with relative humidity between 40% and 70%