Sell PS Plate Full-Cover Vacuum Exposure

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1. Solid and environment-friendly full-cover metal machine frame prevents UV light from leaking out.

2. Micro computer control (manual or automatical) 99 sets of data can be selected. Multidigit LED displaying.

3. Three drawers for stores and standby plates.

4. UV light integrator assures comprehensive scanning.

5. Multiple exhausting system and multistep exposure system selects multi-exposure according to different materials and eliminates tape track.

6. Pre-vacuum-exhausting, enhanced vacuum exhausting, exposure and enhanced exposure.

7. Anti-electrostatic rubber pads and air-intake all around assures comprehensive exhausting with high efficiency and speed.

8. Yellow safe work light.

9. Long-time-lasting constant metal-halide lamp, 5KW. (25%,50%,100% light intensity for option)

10. Strong cooling air fan assures the normal operation life of glass and lamp.

11. High-quality lamp initiates exposure with parallel light spectrum and assures the quality of printing down.
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