Sell PS Plate High-speed Shift-turning Vacuum Exposure Frame

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1. Shift-turning exposure at the operation height of 1200mm. simple and convenient operation meets the requirement of mass and fine printing down.

2. Dual-loop speed vacuum-exhausting system kits fast and smoothly. It is applicable to density screen lines and crystal screen dots, the dots being undistortured.

3. precision light integrator keeps the error less than 12% accurately, eliminating unsteady exposure and distortion of screen dots caused by the deterioration of lamps, activation of light and instability voltage keeps the uniformity of voltage, etc.

4. UV resisting and anti-oxidation light reflector keeps the uniformity of light and plate.

5. Ultra-short exposure time of 5000W shifting constant UV lamp, applicable to printing of newspaper and mass plate printing.

6. Enhanced steel plates processed by numerical control and thick film coating of electrostatic powder for ultra-long operation life.
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