Sell PS Plate Processor (C Series)

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1. Accurate and reliable Mitsubishi PLC control.

2. Solid and durable PVC molding without corrosion.

3. Long-operation-life roller bearing stand assures durability of the machine.

4. Smooth and easy-caring main worm gear driving.

5. Energy and water saving. Internal recycle and tap water washing are optional, environment friendly.

6. Wide diving developing structure assures sufficient developing.

7. Developing filter system keeps the plate clean and eliminates dirts effectively.

8. Special-designed brush cleans the plate thoroughly.

9. Automatic gumming and glue recycling.

10. Ageing-resistance gum roller meets the highest demand of reproduction of screen dots when developing CTP plates.

11. Double washing function, convenient for secondary washing and gumming after retouching.

12. Compatible with automatic plate receiver and clean water filtering system.

13. Compatible with CTcP plate maker.
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