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1. For printing two CD74PS plates or one CD102PS plate at one time.

2. Heavy double-deck and dual-loop vacuum-exhausting system can make vacuum-exhausting operate from the center and spread all round, thus ensuring a 70% higher speed than average exposure frame. (Plate of any material is ready to expose within one minute)

3. Made-in-Germany reflection plate with strong reflecting light, which is verified to be more than 86% uniformity.

4. Good-quality violet light source, whose wavelength is 365-420NM, is three times the light intensity as average ones. High exposing quality and long time duration. Anti-electrostatic rubber cloth and block gine with strong air-tightness and durability.

5. Double exposure system can wipe out dirty spots and imprints of the block gine efficiently, thus reducing retouch work and raise the efficiency of work.

6. Made-in-Taiwan vacuum pump runs noiselessly and lasts without maintenance.

7. Accurate light integrator automatically detects the light intensity of the light source, so as to accurately keep the error range at 12% and eliminate the distortion of screen dots caused by the deterioration of lamps, instability of voltage, etc.

8. The screen can display 5 sets of data. The CPU can store 99 sets of data. It's easier to operate, especially for beginners. It reduces operation error.

9. Full-cover frame prevents the radiation of UV ray.

10. Enhanced steel plates processed by numerical control and thick film coating of electrostatic powder for ultra-long operation life.

11. Factory inspection on the 0-100 step printing down to ensure at most 2% of halftone dots aren't lost and 98% are not mixed.
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