Sell PS foaming sheet units

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PSP foam sheet unit adopts the up-to-date gondi double-stage high foam technology. It is made up of primary screw, secondary screw, butane pump, extruding mould head, molding device, traction machine and take-in machine. This unit uses the general polystyrene as raw material. In the extruding process, vesicant is injected at high pressure. After the extrusion, foaming, cooling, molding and traction, it is collected as finished product. After being molded in the vacuum condition, it can be made into various packaging vessels, such as single-use fast food box, aquatic product dish, supermarket dish, cake dish, KT sheet and instant noodles bowl etc. This machine uses a high speed automatic screen changing device, which features advanced structure, stable performance, easy operation, high automation and screen change without shutdown.
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