Sell PSP Magic Stand

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Easy set-up and use.
Super steady and firm.
New design and manufacture with special elastic materials. The length of the shaft is 50 cm.
Mainly use in any car, on specular teapoy or desk.
Suitable use desk or table.
Turbo and angle.
Bend different shape.
Special for PSP console playback with movie in room or in car.

Do not place this product into hot, humid or under
straight of sunshine.
Do not mixed the mess and keep surface clean.
Do not clean it with organic substance.
Do not throw or apply strong shock to this product.
Do not put any heavy objects on this product.
Do not dismantle.
1. Draw out the stand. Along the I shape plug of the staff into the I shape port on the back of salver correctly
2. Gently press the staff and salver together until the I shape plug at the top lock into the I shape port. Please do not use excessive force.
3. When you take it out. First press down the little pin in the I shape port. Then push the I shape plug along the pin position. Please do not use excessive force.
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