Sell PSP Style PMP/MP4 Media Player - 1.0 Gb, High Quality

PSP Style PMP/MP4 Media Player - 1.0 Gb, High Quality You May Also Be Interested In: media player mp4 media player pmp mp4 pmp mp4 player spectral analyzer
Portable cinema:
1) 3" display, 16 million colors
2) AVI playback using MPEG-4 encoding in DIV x 3.11 / 4x / 5x as well as x VID
3) Native playback of 320x 2 40 files at 30fps, other formats require off-unit conversion
4) Save/load settings

Portable gaming device:
1) Nintendo (8-bit) and Super Nintendo (16-bit) emulations supported in NES,
SFC, and SMC
2) Can play thousands of games such as Super Mario Bros and others
3) Savable game states
4) Continuation of games from saved states

1) No audio distortion due to compression
2) Winamp-style interface
3) Visual spectral analyzer
4) Playback: MPEG 1/2/2.5, layer 3 and MPEG1, layer 2 (8-320Kbps, 8-48kHz sampling)
5) Playback: WMA (16-192Kbps, 8-44kHz sampling)
6) Playback: FLAC
7) Low power mode: enabled via display and keypad deactivation, CPU declock
8) 7 EQ presets: pop, rock, classic, comfort, dance, soft, and soft rock.
9) User-definable 10 bands, graphic EQ
10) Repeat modes: all, single, random repeat
11) ID3 tag display
12) Lyric display
13) E-book display while listening to music

Portable music recorder:
1) High-fidelity microphone
2) MP3 recording in 3 selectable bitrates (128kbps, 192kbps, 256kbps,
sampling rate: 44.1kHz)

Portable e-book and photo album:
1) JPEG/BMP/GIF/Animated GIF supported
2) 3 million pixels display
3) 3 seconds JPEG decode, with dynamic zoom
4) TXT file supported

Disk and file management:
1) Long file name supported
2) Fat32 and Fat16 compatible
3) Direct file manipulation

1) Internal 1,200mAh Li-ion battery
2) 6 hours video playback
3) 20 hours audio playback

Memory and expansion:
1) Internal memory available from 32MB to 2GB
2) 1GB SD/MMC card supported (FAT12 is NOT supported)

1) TV-out
2) Headphone-out

Video and camera:
1) 2.0 mega pixel sensor
2) MPEG4 recording (AVI file, 320x240, 15fps, 3 image qualities selectable)
3) Night mode recording
4) 3 still image sizes (1,280x1024, 640x480, 320x240) and 3 quality modes
5) Night mode still image capture
6) JPG and BMP customizable screen

USB1.1 interface (max. transfer speed: 2Mbps)
Internal memory: NAND flash, max. capacity is 1GB
Multi languages14 languages optional
Accessories: earphone, charger, USB
Size: 120 x 65 x 17mm
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
1GB to 2GB
Available Colors
black, white
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
3 days
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
Terms of Payment
T/T in advance
Warranty Coverage
one year