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PST Car Elevator
PST Car Elevator is the important device for the car parking, used for elevating of the cars, takes place of the channel for entering and getting out of the garage and each layers in the garage. It can save lots of land, the loading capacity and operation mode can be decided according to the needs. It can be electrically driven or hydraulically driven. It also adopts advanced AC VVVF (variable voltage variable frequency) control. According to the site situation, the machine room can be located at the top or side or bottom.
Features:Convenient entry and exit for the car:forward entry and exit.
Saving the space in layout and effectively utilizing the land; reliable performance, high safety coefficient and easy maintenance.
Simple control and operation. Pressing-key or swiping-card operation, which is convenient, safe and quick.
Low noise, high speed, small vibration and stable moving. Since the process is full automatic the car storage/retrieval time is greatly shortened.
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