Sell PTC thermistors MZ6 series

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Application Field:
PTC thermistors are used to monitor temperature in machines and installations. The design ensures short response times and easy installation.
The Product Sells Point:
PTC thermistors acc. to DIN 44081(triple sensors acc. to DIN 44082) are used to protect electrical machines against thermal overload. Thermistors have an even steeper R/T characteristic as that defined in the DIN standard. The temperature range is from 60 to 1800. PTC thermistors beads with different rated response temperatures can be connected in series. This permits an optimal and economic thermal protection of machines and windings with different limit tempratures.
Key Specifications/Special Features :
single triple
Max. operating voltage 30 30 V
Rated response temperature Tk 60-18 0
Tolerance of Tk 15 15 K
Resproducibility of Tk 10.5 10.5 K
Resistance R25 <=100 <=300 (Ohms)
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