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Enhanced PTFE products are made of PTFE resin and filling material. After mixing,
pressing and sintering, enhanced PTFE products not only remain the original
performance of pure PTFE, but also their hardness, creep resistance, abrasion
resistance, compression strength and bending strength of thermal conductivity and
dimensional stability have been improved a lot. The coefficient of thermal conductivity
has been improved twice, hardness more than 10%, condensing strength about
1 time, hardness more than 10%, creep resistance 3 times, bending strength about
80% under general temperature conditions.

1) Filling material: fiberglass, molybdenum disulfide, graphite, bronze powder,
silicon, dioxide and carbon fiber
2) Main products: piston ring, guiding ring, seal ring, bearing, bush, valve slide,
machine tool guide rail and mechanical seal
3) Maximum processing diameter is 2,000mm. Other diameters are available
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