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XHC-1009 PTFE Filament Packing


It is applicable for all kinds of corrosive chemicals, including strong corrosive liquids (such as liquid strong alkali, hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid) , organic solvent and liquid nitrogen, etc. It is applicable to the industrial fields of petroleum, chemical industry, chemical fiber, coal cutting, generating power and metallurgy, etc. It especially adapts to the sealing for high pressure valve, plunger pump, stirrer and mixer, etc.


This packing has the characteristics of good corrosive resistance, wear resistance, higher mechanism strength, and good self lubricating, small friction coefficient and small torque, however, its heat conductivity is bad and the thermal coefficient of expansion is big, so the measures of forced cooling and lubrication must be adopted for sealing on position with high linear velocity, so as to avoid burning packing and increasing wearing.

Technical parameter:

Temperature -2000-+2800
Pressure 15MPa
PH Value 0-14