Sell PTFE Needle Felt with High Temperature Resistance

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The surface of polyetrafluorethylene (PTFE) membrane is smooth and anti-chemistry. PTFE membrane is bonded to the surface of conventional filter medium and eliminates the need for a primary dustcake. Filtration takes place on the membrane surface and realizes surface filtration. Because the PTFE membrane has the advantage of smooth , chemical stability, long service life and waterproof, it results in excellent dustcake release, high filtration efficiencies and longer service life.

Compared with common filter medium, the characteristic is:

1. The diameter of membrane porosity is between 0.2~35m, filtration efficiency is up to over 99.99%, almost zero emission level; The filtration efficiency is high all the time.

2. At the beginning use of membrane filter medium, the pressure drop is hither than common filter medium, but after putting into applying, the pressure drop won''t increase obviously with time, but the common filter medium will have a bigger and bigger pressure drop with time.

3. The dust is easy getting into inner in use of common filter medium, and will accumulate more and more until the porosities are filled and can''t continue to filter. But using membrane filter medium will receive the results of easy dustcake release, high filtration efficiency, long recycle time and low release pressure at lower energy consumption levels, so that increase the service life and decrease the applying cost.
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