Sell PTFE Packing

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PTFE Packing includes:
AP 2401 Pure PTFE packing
AP 2402 Pure PTFE packing with silicone oil
AP 2403 Sintered PTFE packing
AP 2404 Graphited PTFE packing
AP 2405 Graphited PTFE packing with oil
AP 2406 Sintered Graphite PTFE Packing
AP 2408 Expanded PTFE round rope
AP 2409 White PTFE & Aramid Packing
AP 2410 PTFE packing
AP 2411 PTFE packing with Kynol fiber corners

PTFE packing is mainly made of PTFE yarns and can be impregnated with aramid lubricant, graphite lubricant or other lubrication. It is soft, designed for valves and pump; medium shaft speed applications under medial pressure in food processing, pharmaceuticals, paper, fibre plants where high purity and corrosion resistance is required.

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