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Polytetrafluoroethylen, PTFE in short, is commonly known as King of Plastic in China. It has macromolecular linear structure and almost no branch chain. The molecular chain is hard to destroy for the carbon atoms on the main chain are protected by the stable chemical C-F both sides of macromolecule. So the PTFE material has good heat resistance and anti-corrosion.
With the dipole moment of PTFE macromolecule closing to zero and basically no polar, it has good insulation property. PTFE macromolecule has low surface free energy, high non-adhesion and lowest friction coefficient. The melting point of the crystalline state for high molecular material is 327 centidegree, so the material can be used within the temperature range of -195 centidegree~+260 centidegree for a long time. Non-breaking or non-burning, PTFE has a LOI of 95.
Polytetrafluoroethylene fiber, called fluon in China, is a synthetic fiber made of PTFE resin by a special process. With the characteristic of good chemical stability of PTFE, it is widely used in the filter materials under high temperature, strong acid and strong base condition.
PTFE fiber can be classified into White Staple Fiber and Brown Staple Fiber. Brown fiber is produced from carried-added emulsion treated with pressure and extrusion, followed by removal of carriers under highsintering. In the process of highsintering, there are still several residues of carbonized carriers adhered to the fiber surface, which makes the fiber brown in color.
Technical Data
Relative Strength(g/d) : >0.8
Elongation(%) :<30
Length(mm) : 65
Shrinkage 200 centidegree /15min(%) :<=3