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Starlab Scientifics PTFE membrane media for filtration is made of pure PTFE laminated to a polypropylene support for improved durability. This media is simply the best choice for use with aggressive solvents, liquids, and gases that may attack other media. It is resistant to most acids, alkalis, and solvents. Laminated PTFE filters can also be used to filter aqueous solutions when prewetted with methanol.
1. compatible with strong acids and aggressive solutions
2. naturally hydrophobic
3. improved durability and handling
4. filtration of strong acids and aggressive solutions
5. venting applications
6. available in pore size 0.1um, 0.22um, 0.45um, 0.8um, 1.0um, 3.0um, 5.0um, 10.0um.
7. available in diameter 13mm, 25mm, 47mm, 90mm, 142mm, 293mm or customize.