Sell PTFE knit plate

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FP-1:6*6mm 15.5kg/m
FP-2:8*8mm 9.0 kg/m
FP-3:10*10mm 6.0kg/m
FP-4:13*13mm 3.5kg/m
FP-5:16*16mm 2.0kg/m
FP-6:19*19mm 1.5kg/m
FP-7:25*25mm 0.9kg/m

density:1.50-1.80 g/cm3
streth strength:>6.0Mpa
break elongation rate: >70%

polytera-fluoro-ethylene knit plate can be applied in petroleum chemical industry, chemical fertlizer, dye, coating , chemcial fiber, pharmacy , food and so on. It can be used as all sorts of pump, liver sealed fill up material .
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