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i) two types: natural hydrophobic and amended hydrophobic.

ii) best filtration media for Air/Gas

iii) strong resist to acid and alkali except Aqua regia

iv) high temperature resist;

v) easy installation, replacement and maintenance;


support layers: Polyepropylene/ stainless steel (SS304L)

O-rings /Gasket options: EPDM, Silicone, Viton, TEV

Pore size: 0.10um, 0.20um, 0.45um, 0.80um, 1.00um

Diameter: OD 68mm; OD70mm

Length: 10",20",30",40"

Endcaps type: 215; 220; 222; 226

Effective filtration area: >=0.60m2/(10")

Operating Conditions:

Normal working temperature: below 65C / 149F
Max. working temperature: 194 F/ 90C
Max. Differential Pressure : 0.42Mpa

Applications:(mainly for filtration of spcial chemical, high temperature and pressure)
Specially chemical filtration;

Steam filtration and filtration in high temperature and pressure;

Mixed acids;

Oxid water and mineral water;

antiseptic filtration for air inlet/outlet of fermentation tank or other reserve tanks

Quality assurance:

Pharmaceutical grade material;

imported membranes(Millipore, PALL) or local membrane for option;

Pharmaceutical grade workshops; (according to GMP criterion)

100% Integrity test and other strick test before packing
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