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The PTFE membrane filter material for dust filtration is made of e-PTFE membrane laminated on various synthetic fiber filter felt or glass fabrics. They provide an excellent combination of filtration efficiency and near zero emissions.
Features: Excellent efficiency, increased air flow, decreased pressure drop, dust cake release, thermal stability and durability etc.
Application: cement, paint coating, petrifaction plastic, food, metallurgy industry dust collectors and processing, lowest overall maintenance and operating costs.
This series of products including:
1. E-Glass fiber flat filter cloth coated series products
2. E-Glass fiber bulked yarn coated series products
3. C-Glass fiber flat filter cloth coated series products
4. Glass fiber felt laminating series products
5. Glass fiber coated compound acupuncture vinyl series products
6. In low-temperature filtration materials coated series products
7. High-temperature fiber felt filter laminating series products
Characteristics of PTFE membrane glass fiber filter material

Type EWTF400 EWTF500 EWTF600 EWTF750
Weave Crowfoot Crowfoot Satin Satin
Density (Ends/cm) 20W13 18W13 20W20 20W18
Weight (g/m2) >=400 >=470 >=570 >=750
Bursting Strength (N/cm2) >=200 >=230 >=280 >=440
Tensile Breaking Strength(N/25mm) Warp >1700 >2300 >2300 >2400
Weft >1100 >1300 >1700 >2100
Permeability(cm3/cm2s) 15~30 15~30 15~30 15~30
Form Suitable for Dust Abatement High-speed reverse jet bag filter Low pressure pulse bag filter
Operating Temperature(0) <=280
Recommended Air Flow(m/min) <0.8 <1.0